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On letterhead of supporting organization

Date : 17/5/2020

To :

 Nicolas Pettiaux (president)
 Educode asbl/vzm (
 Avenue du Pérou 29
 1000 Brussels, Belgium 
 Frédéric Taes (president)
 Internet Society Chapter Belgium asbl/vzw (
 Notelaarstraat 285 Rue du Noyer
 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Dear Nicolas Pettiaux,

I write on behalf of [supporting organization’s name] to express our support to Educode ( and, in particular, your project in association with Internet Society Chapter Belgium ( asbl/vzw to apply for a grant to COVID19 Emergency Reponse Grant Program from Internet Society Foundation.

Your project aims to develop and support services promoting and enabling distance learning for students by:

  1. Helping teachers to move from traditional classrooms to online education through Internet, with a « train the trainer » approach and coaching teachers through Internet;
  2. Developing real-time trainings and adapt them in reusable interactive training formats;
  3. Offering a global approach to teachers and schools to get everything needed: computer, Internet connection, Internet tools and online resources as training, coaching and support;
  4. Starting with local implementation in Belgium, being a multicultural and multilingual country, and rollout globally with partners over the world.

We strongly support this grant application and the focus on online education and reducing digital fracture.

As an organization which [here you ask the Partnering Organization to please describe their ongoing or past effort and complementarity], we’re strongly supporting this initiative.

Through this letter, we recognize educode and Internet Society Chapter Belgium as being fully able to manage this large-scale project (budget 250.000 to 500.000$), and in the event this proposal is funded, we would expect our role to include:

  • cooperation on [putting in relationship to collect and redistribute computers];
  • [appointing/delegating a representative to participate to project Steering Committee].

Educode asbl/vzw associated with asbl/vzw will take responsibility to lead this COVID19 Education project to help teachers the transition from traditional learning prior COVID19 to Internet distance education. We look forward to support this initiative.


[Name of responsible person in partnering organization]
[Title of responsible person in partnering organization]
[Name of partnering organization]
[Address of partnering organization if not in letterhead]
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