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Free courses for education

A project to help future teachers and students in education, first in French, Dutch, English and Spanish, both Belgian and foreign, and to offer them a caring and efficient learning and support environment.

Starting a teaching career is difficult. So is pursuing it. Not only do you have to know the subject matter well and understand it well in order to be able to explain it, but you also have to have the talent to make students understand it, each with their own rhythm and difficulties. As you can see, many people who start give up after only a few years. (Le Soir, 26/10/2021. Teacher shortage compounded by youth dropout. Between teachers who retire early (one in five) and those who leave prematurely (one in three), the profession suffers from a lack of career planning and Le Soir, 25/05/2022. After a first professional life, more and more of them are turning to the teaching profession. They now represent the majority of new entrants to the market. A solution to the shortage? Not so fast: one in two leaves the profession within five years.)

It seems to us therefore necessary that young teachers (whatever their age) receive all the support they need from the Society but also from their colleagues. For example, a “new teacher's kit” containing all the pedagogical material (all the courses, manuals, exercises, reading sheets, descriptions of experiments, but also the answers to all of these, the lesson plans and preparations, in short everything he might need for each subject taught) and, in addition, that he has the explicit authorization to modify and redistribute everything as he wishes. But also, that he receives the opportunity to be accompanied by peers and experienced colleagues to whom he can daily ask for help, support and advice or share his doubts.

We want to create a “wikipedia of pedagogical resources” in which any teacher or learner can easily shop around and find everything they need to build one or all of their courses, complete with a collaborative solution for mutual help and support. So that our countries become truly “collaborative and benevolent learning nations”.

Following the Phyziki project that we initiated in 2009 with the ABPPC, association of physics and chemistry teachers of French-speaking Belgium, with the support of the minister of compulsory education Christian Dupont, we wish to get in touch with as many French-speaking teachers of physics, chemistry, biology and programming of all levels (primary, lower secondary and upper secondary) of all French-speaking countries (and the others too, we will translate) to discuss the creation and sharing of pedagogical resources of all kinds, notes, exercises and their answers, experimental protocols, MCQs, videos. …

The objective is to create lesson plans and contents with exercises and resolutions, as well as questions (and their resolutions) to help future teachers as well as their students. In order for them to be able to adopt and adapt these contents without any restriction with the only obligation to share them again as in Wikipedia, to distribute them legally to their students and to fellow teachers, it is necessary that these contents are under free licenses, for example the license of Wikipedia C C B Y SA.

The contents are complemented by email distribution lists and instant messaging channels for peer-to-peer discussions, both between teachers and between teachers and students.

We are already an international team of French-speaking teachers and will initially build up exercise books with detailed answers for the physics course of the general upper secondary education. The other levels and branches will follow. Everything depends of course on the teams, support and help we will receive.

We will collect and present the resources with a fairly fine granularity, so that the content is easily editable and adaptable, and easy to assemble to fit the needs and expectations of any course curriculum.

We will then add the complementary pieces:

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